Day 82/365: Letter to My Younger Self

Dear N, Always remember to have fun. In fact, make sure you incorporate a bit of fun into each and every day. Work hard and play hard. Just don't overwork yourself. Work will always be there when you return so turn it off when you're playing. Laugh loudly and without apology. And know that it's okay... Continue Reading →

Day 81/365: Standing Up

Today we went to help a friend figure out what to do with a piece of property now that her father has passed away. She is a only child who had already lost her mother years ago, and she is feeling completely overwhelmed with the number of things she has to resolve in the wake... Continue Reading →

Day 80/365: Resilience

Do you ever think or believe you're making progress? I mean really making progress and then you hit a speed bump or someone tells you something and you just feel deflated? In that moment you almost feel like everything you've worked so hard to build up just crumbles in an instant. I felt that way today.... Continue Reading →

Day 79/365: Expectation

Hmmm ... I'm having trouble coming up with anything to write about how I'm feeling. Maybe it's because I feel like I'm on the verge of something ... some new growth or idea or experience. I feel like there's an idea brewing or germinating about something I'm going to create or build or dream. It... Continue Reading →

Day 78/365: Managed

Today was a good day, a productive day. It was not good because it was productive; it was good because it felt good from start to finish. I had competing deadlines that would have ordinarily made me panic, however, I chose not to. I made a decision about what I needed to get done, prioritized... Continue Reading →

Day 77/365: Unbothered

I don't know if it's the approaching supermoon or what, but I have felt so unbothered lately. Like I had to do something today that ordinarily I would dread, and I handled it, with grace—and did not worry about how the other person felt about receiving the news. It's not that I didn't care, I... Continue Reading →

Day 76/365: Mastery

I read something the other day about how control over your thoughts can truly shape how you respond and experience the world—particularly your every day. And I've read this before, but somehow it either didn't make sense or I couldn't put it into action—or both. But for some reason, when I read this the other... Continue Reading →

Treat yourself and listen to some 6LACK (pronounced BLACK). Here's to being free ... Enjoy! (You're welcome.) n

Day 74/365: Discomfort

When I get stressed I get a eczema. It only occurs on my face, but when it comes, it comes with a vengeance. I've learned that it's not just stress that triggers the eczema, but extreme discomfort. And right now, I'm feeling very uncomfortable. I'm embarking on a bunch of projects that are stirring up... Continue Reading →

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