Day 53/365: Pensive

I woke with a terrible sinus headache and overwhelmed by all I had to do before day’s end. Instead of panicking, I decided to try yoga. It was only a 10-minute session, but it felt really good to stretch and breathe and focus on something else just for a little while.

I’m glad I started the day that way. From there, the rest of the day felt manageable. And that little bit of quiet time in the morning allowed me to stay focused and at ease the rest of the day.

I find myself thinking a lot, but what this blog is helping me do is find a way to be pensive without falling into the abyss. I don’t ruminate as much. And if I do, I’m able to tell myself to snap out of it and focus on what’s right in front of me. Honestly, that’s the best any of us can do on any given day.

When I focus on the present, I don’t feel the need to think as much and I can tune in just a little bit more to how I’m feeling. Now don’t get me wrong. It’s still a challenge to write these feelings daily. I ask myself before I begin: So, what am I feeling? And then I wait. I wait for some thought to emerge. But what I’m really waiting on is a feeling to make itself known to me.

This process is not always easy when you’re an overthinker like me, but every so often I can sit down and write exactly how I’m feeling. My hope is that this will only get easier over time.

So I’ll have to incorporate yoga into my routine more often. It helps keep me balanced and helps keep me less focused on thinking and more focused on feeling. Again, it’s still a challenge to get there most days, but I’m grateful that I’m beginning to see small signs of growth and improvement.


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