Day 52/365: Readiness

As part of the project that we’ll be rolling out soon, we are working on completing a creative brief.

This comprehensive package is amazing and really crystalized the fact that this project is really going to come to fruition.

When I realized this, I at once became excited and then a bit of panic set in.

I know this is what I wanted, but am I ready? I began thinking. I honestly don’t feel ready. But are you ever really ready? Probably not.

You prepare as best you can then you just start doing and working it. You develop a rhythm, a cadence, a dance of sorts.

I am feeling unready, but deep down inside I know I am meant to do this work, and that this is why I am here and this is how I am meant to serve.

I have to feel in my heart that I am ready, and move forward from that place. And I have to be okay with moving forward even when I don’t feel ready, but know it’s what’s best and the next best move.




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