Day 49/365: Value

The word for today is value—specifically self-value. I attended an online group Q&A session for a project I’m about to launch. As part of it, it was suggested that as part of your launch you need to give your potential customers something of value. Ideally, you provide the value with some sort of service you can provide. I froze.

My collaborator could think of a laundry list of offerings she could provide. But I was thinking: What the hell do I possibly have to offer? My mind went blank. I could identify my talents, but I could not identify what value I have to offer. That’s terrible. I mean we all have value in one way or another, don’t we? But when I put it in terms of what I could offer someone else, I couldn’t find it. That’s a real problem.

Months ago this would have sent me reeling and feeling down on myself. But today, I just realized that it needs to change. I have to change my mindset and focus on what I do well. I used to believe that I only did a few things well, but that’s not true. It’s a false narrative that I’ve telling myself. That I’ve been lying to myself about. And it’s time it stopped.

My next goal is to make a list of all the ways I add value, in all areas of my life. I know the list will be extensive, but even if it’s not, I know that I am valuable just by being here and there are definitely ways I can add value to the world.


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