Day 48/365: In Sync

So what I thought was a nasty head cold is more like the flu—the vibrational flu that is. It has to do with dramatic energy shifts and how your body responds to them. And when you’re sensitive, you’re susceptible to feeling like shit in the process while your body adjusts to the new energy. But enough of the woo-woo talk.

What’s interesting is that my work wife/collaborator on some major projects is going through the EXACT same thing. She’s feeling run down and well, frankly like crap.

This has happened to us before. When we first began work on one of our projects we were both sick as dogs. And now that we’re sort of launching into hyperdrive, we’re sick again. It sucks to both be sick at the same time. But oddly, there’s also something comforting about it.

For me, it means that we are in sync, in flow and headed on the right path. It’s like a little nod from the Universe saying, “Yup. You got this. Keep going.”

And keep going we shall. With a bit of echinacea along for the ride, we might just be unstoppable. 😎




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