Day 47/365: Re-energized

You ever have one of those days where although you may not be feeling well, there are so many things that reignite a spark in your passion? I was reminded today how much I enjoy the human body.

Not in an erotic sense (although I’m not denying that), but more in a anatomical, physiological, holy-crap-that’s-pretty-amazing-that-your-heart-beats-without-you-having-to-tell-it-to kind of way. And I love reminding people how vital this connection to your body is and educating them on how it works. This is the thread that runs through most everything I touch these days. And it’s such a wonderful feeling to see how it plays out in all its forms throughout my life.

It is definitely what I am here to do, but some days I don’t feel as connected to it—or even as excited about it—as I did today.

I was able to talk with people who have a similar passion, albeit in very different disciplines. But when you see the common theme, you feel affirmed and maybe even convinced that you’re in the right place at the right time, doing what you’re supposed to be doing.

I hope everyone has the opportunity to experience this feeling. It’s kind of like a cool “Aha” moment and provides a great deal of fuel to keep you moving forward on your path. I feel lucky to be reminded of it today.


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