Day 45/365: Unwell, Pt. 2

I am still not feeling well today. The migraine is gone, however, the scratchy throat remains. The irritation in my throat has also managed to spread to my vocal cords and my voice is raspy at times and high-pitched at others.

When you need to use your voice or you’re not using it enough your throat area/chakra/whatever can be affected. It makes me wonder if I’ve not been using it enough. This seems to be a chronic issue with me, using my voice. I suppose if you don’t use it, you lose it, which is happening right now.

I am not quite sure how I am supposed to be using my voice. For me writing is a way to use my voice, but maybe sometimes it’s not enough.

The other day I expressed interest in doing a podcast, a very direct way of using your voice. However, I also stated that it felt much safer than speaking in front of a crowd, like before a live audience. I wonder if I’m afraid of my own power. Either that or I need to focus on my own inner voice so that I can properly exercise my actual speaking voice.

At any rate, I’m going to explore this podcast thing more. It feels like I might actually be good at it, enjoy it and be able to reach just the right audience I’m interested in reaching.

Until then, I will rest my voice until I feel I’m ready to use it fully.


Photo cred/Source: Shel Silverstein via

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