Day 38/365: Peace

My friend’s father is passing so we went to visit him in hospice and spend some good time with her.

My mother was in hospice before she passed so after that experience death has become a very different experience for me.

When we arrived we sent some time with her laughing and catching up with her and another friend of hers I had not seen in years.

She went to go check on him and when she returned, we all asked to see him. I think she thought we might be uncomfortable seeing him in such a fragile state so she said we didn’t have to, but we all agreed we wanted to.

So when I walked in I was saddened to see him aged and so thin. And his breathing was labored. No tears came though because I was so glad to see him.

I sat down by his bedside and kissed his head. I talked with him about crossword puzzles, which we both love. And I agreed to carry the torch from there for the New York Times puzzles for the both of us.

He was no longer eating and no longer responsive. But hearing is the last thing to go. So I just sat with him and recounted some of the good times we had shared.

At one point he developed the hiccups, which for terminal patients can be very painful.

My friend adjusted his bed a few ways to try to ease them. No luck.

So I was reminded that I do energy healing, which sometimes oddly I forget. And I offered to try and get rid of the hiccups

I won’t explain the process, but after 15 minutes or so able I was able to get them to stop. And his breathing even grew less labored—at least for a while anyway.

I was glad to be able to offer some relief, but I was not able to relieve his suffering.

Passing is a curious thing. Many times you have a foot in both worlds so your body is here, but your spirit is going back and forth between here and There.

I feel like this is such a challenging process, like how birth is difficult. It’s almost like your body has to prepare for your soul’s departure. It looks like a lot of work. The patient just seems so uncomfortable.

The only real consolation is the notion that on the other side of all this suffering (this overall struggle we call life) is peace. Lasting beautiful peace.

We will miss you dearly, Papa Jim. Thank you for sharing your light with us. Enjoy your sweet, sweet peace. You’ve earned it.



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