Day 34/365: Patience

I’m generally a patient person, however, I’m anxious to get one project moving forward a bit quicker. It’s been a particularly challenging one with a number of setbacks, but I’m forging ahead.

It’s interesting how you can have patience for certain things, people, and situations at certain times while at other times you simply lose it. And yet there are certain things, people, and situations that you always have patience for. What is that?

Is it just your temperament? And why is it fixed sometimes and other times not? I don’t get it.

Maybe patience is about how much control you have over a situation and whether you’re okay with having it—or not. I don’t consider myself a control freak, but I like things managed. Maybe patience is really about managing your expectations, in all situations that cause your patience to be tried.

Yes, that feels like it’s true and one possible approach to improve the whole patience thing going forward.

Hopefully, I can not only manage expectations but set enough real ones so that they are actually manageable.


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