Day 33/365: Productive

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I have a lot of projects I’m juggling and things finally, finally feel like they are beginning to move. Like the needle is beginning to move, which feels wonderful.

And today, I dove in deep and was a multitasking fool. And most of the things I had to get done got done, and a few things did not, but I still felt okay because I was still able to accomplish a lot.

I recognize too that I need to really get back to a practice of meditation. When I started this blog, I was dedicated to meditating daily and then it quickly fell off. But I’m going to work on getting it into my routine—somehow.

The quiet time, with regular practice will probably help me with a great deal of things: focusing, stress management, staying present.

So I’m recommitting to a meditation practice. I know it’s something external, but I honestly feel like it’s one of the few things outside of me that can really help with what’s going on inside.

Now onward, namaste, and all of that.


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