Day 30/365: Truthiness

When I first embarked on this blogging journey I felt nervous. So many thoughts ran through my head: How would this content that was really just for me be received if anyone else stumbled upon it? Do I need to take into consideration anyone else’s thoughts and feelings about what I include here when I write it? Will I offend anyone? Will anyone care?

I was overwhelmed by so many thoughts about what everyone else was thinking and feeling, and putting my own on the back burner. And this whole project is about me. (smh). But I’m proud of myself because I pressed on anyway despite these thoughts. I hadn’t really thought any more about it since I’ve started this blog, thankfully. However, yesterday, I was watching a video (The Poetry Lounge) about spoken word performance and one thing a performer said really struck me.

He said: “Decipher your truth separate from the audience.” Yessss. This.

So many times we’re so worried about how others will receive us and our truth that we fail to show up as the real us. And when you’re in any space, particularly one where you’re sharing yourself with others publicly, it is vital that you are able to stand in your truth no matter what anyone else says or how anyone else feels.

When you can do this, and I still struggle with this daily, however this blog is definitely helping, then you can truly show up as your authentic self at all times. And the more comfortable you get doing this, the easier it is to shake off the haters and enjoy the lovers of your work, but not necessarily rely on them validating you for you to feel good about yourself.

I look forward to finding more of the real me and not letting anyone else stand in my way.




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