Day 24/365: Renewal

I spent the day from start to finish being supported in so many wonderful ways, and so today I feel very supported. I was invited to attend a brunch discussion where women of color gathered to discuss what it is to be a person of color and a woman in these days and times and how we all navigate the world.

We covered many a topic germane to this group, and some of the topics included how we view and celebrate ourselves and what challenges we were facing. I don’t know that I’ve had that sort of gathering since college and it was refreshing. Sitting and listening to all of these stories, many echoing my own experiences felt affirming.

So often I go through the world believing that I am the only one experiencing certain things. For example, when you are the only other in the room in a sea of people of non-color, you don’t always take into account how you’re feeling because you simply soldier through it. And to take a step back and really assess how many times you’re made to feel powerless or insignificant is frankly sometimes too much to bear.

Being an other, especially when your otherness includes intersectionality, is a constant struggle. You work tirelessly to try to evade the boxes that society so intrinsically and chronically puts you in and it feels sometimes like the struggle is yours, and yours alone.

But here, in this space that I shared with women like me today felt empowering and comforting to know that the challenges are not imagined, and I am not crazy, and I do have power that I can exercise in very directed ways.

It is also wonderful to be not only heard but truly be seen when so often as a woman of color you feel invisible, discounted, disparaged and attacked. There was no judgment around this table, only recognition of the same struggle, loving words of encouragement on how to continue on and confirmation that you were supported.

It heartens me to know that I am not alone in this, that I am supported and I feel renewed and ready to fight another day.


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