Day 53/365: Pensive

I woke with a terrible sinus headache and overwhelmed by all I had to do before day's end. Instead of panicking, I decided to try yoga. It was only a 10-minute session, but it felt really good to stretch and breathe and focus on something else just for a little while. I'm glad I started... Continue Reading →

Day 52/365: Readiness

As part of the project that we'll be rolling out soon, we are working on completing a creative brief. This comprehensive package is amazing and really crystalized the fact that this project is really going to come to fruition. When I realized this, I at once became excited and then a bit of panic set... Continue Reading →

Day 51/365: Reinvention

I am feeling strongly the pull of reinvention in my life. I desperately want to throw out my old, outdated ideas, to walk a different path, to feel differently as I navigate my life. And I've begun doing some of this work. Hell, I've even begun to change my wardrobe because I no longer feel... Continue Reading →

Day 50/365: Status Quo

My late great uncle, Uncle Claude, whom I adored, always had this response when you asked him how he was: "Oh, fair to middlin'." It essentially means not great, but not bad either. That about sums up how I'm feeling today. I'm not super excited about anything, but I'm not down in the dumps (or... Continue Reading →

Day 49/365: Value

The word for today is value—specifically self-value. I attended an online group Q&A session for a project I'm about to launch. As part of it, it was suggested that as part of your launch you need to give your potential customers something of value. Ideally, you provide the value with some sort of service you... Continue Reading →

Day 48/365: In Sync

So what I thought was a nasty head cold is more like the flu—the vibrational flu that is. It has to do with dramatic energy shifts and how your body responds to them. And when you're sensitive, you're susceptible to feeling like shit in the process while your body adjusts to the new energy. But... Continue Reading →

Day 47/365: Re-energized

You ever have one of those days where although you may not be feeling well, there are so many things that reignite a spark in your passion? I was reminded today how much I enjoy the human body. Not in an erotic sense (although I'm not denying that), but more in a anatomical, physiological, holy-crap-that's-pretty-amazing-that-your-heart-beats-without-you-having-to-tell-it-to... Continue Reading →

Day 46/365: Inertia

I know I've mentioned that I have a crap ton of projects brewing. So you'd think I would be moving at breakneck speed, right? Well, ... not so much. Don't get me wrong. I am getting stuff done and making progress, but in the midst of it all, today especially, I feel like I'm standing... Continue Reading →

Day 45/365: Unwell, Pt. 2

I am still not feeling well today. The migraine is gone, however, the scratchy throat remains. The irritation in my throat has also managed to spread to my vocal cords and my voice is raspy at times and high-pitched at others. When you need to use your voice or you're not using it enough your... Continue Reading →

Day 44/365: Unwell

Scratchy throat. Migraine. Nausea. So how do I feel today? In short, unwell. I don't feel well at all. But I am hopeful that tomorrow I will feel better. G'night. n

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