Day 23/365: Trust

Wow! Today was a banner day! So many great things brewing and on the horizon. Projects coming to fruition and new projects looming.

I feel genuinely excited. And at the same time I feel a bit anxious. I mean we spend so much time yearning for what we desire, preparing for it and then auditioning for it that when we land it, it almost feels unbelievable. Like we almost can’t receive it.

And then the anxiousness and fear creeps in. Can I really pull this off? What if I’ve been fooling myself this entire time?

I was once told that you’ll never really know how good you are, and then this person, my former boss, proceeded to tell me how good I was. I still didn’t really believe him at the time, even though I was grateful and humbled by the compliment, but when I feel inadequate or unsure if I’m up to the task, I go back to that moment and just trust that he was earnest and that I do bring a certain talent to whatever I do.

I’ll just have to ride this one out on faith and see where it takes me, but I’m excited about the possibilities.


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