Day 18/365: Revival

Caroline Myss, a renowned medical intuitive, created something called Sacred Contracts. It involves 12 houses, much like the zodiac, which represent 12 areas of your life from your persona to the collective soul. In each of your 12 houses exists 12 different archetypes that indicate how you behave in relation to each of the houses.

There are a crap ton of archetypes that people can have, but everyone has 4 major ones: the victim, the prostitute, the child and the saboteur. Each of the major 4, like all the rest, have both positive and negative aspects, despite what you might think.

I had figured out my archetypes chart a while ago, but I was talking to someone today about how helpful it can be when trying to figure out your blind spots. I decided to get it back out again to see where my 4 major ones were along with the others.

After re-examining it, so many things made sense. It seems like every time you look at this thing you make a new discovery. At any rate, I won’t bore you with the details of where each of the 4 were, but I will tell you where my saboteur lies. It’s in the 11th house, which is your relationship to the world. It reflects how you see your sense of power.

For the longest time I have been sabotaging myself when it comes to how I show up in the world and quite frankly my personal power. That’s the shadow side. But when your saboteur is in check, it allows you to to create situations that combine creativity with incredible vulnerability, which is what this blog is all about.

I felt really encouraged by this. Maybe I’m flipping the script on the saboteur and regaining some of my lost personal power. It makes me grateful for the saboteur and how it’s helping me open my eyes about my self and open myself up to the world.


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