Day 14/365: Transparency

I’m not religious, although I have a healthy respect for religion, but I am deeply spiritual. And today, I saw this amazing YouTube vid entitled, “A Rabbi, a Priest and an Atheist Smoke Weed Together.” And no this is not a joke.

Using marijuana as a device to break down barriers in a variety of ways was awesome. It felt like transparency would be front and center in a matter of minutes, which if you watch the vid from start to finish, happens.

Although I wasn’t sure what to expect before I watched it, this video actually moved me. And there was a certain part that especially moved me. It’s at 6:45. The rabbi says a prayer in Hebrew and blesses the priest and then later the atheist. The whole video is really moving, but I especially loved that part. Now to be fair the priest extended a similar blessing to the atheist, but the rabbi blessed them both.

It felt like there was something so sacred in the prayer the rabbi offered up for both men. He shared his faith in an incredible way and in a way that honored his religion, the other two men and himself. It was incredible to behold.

Maybe too it’s that connection piece tugging at me yet again. I am seriously enjoying how we as human beings are connecting with one another—especially in this ridiculous political climate. And it’s almost like these reminders of connection reach out to find me to keep reminding me how important it really is. And how it really is a practice.

I also feel like these reminders are preparing me for a better connection with myself, which if I’m honest, I’m genuinely looking forward to.



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