Day 11/365: Connection

I saw this tweet on AJ+ about how strangers wrote public messages of support to a blindfolded man holding a board in public who was living with HIV.

It’s a short video that features many people showing up to write a note.

One person writes: You are me and I am you.

When I saw this one I got the chills. Tears immediately came to my eyes. I had to actually stop and sit with this to understand why the tears came because there were tons of other heartwarming phrases, but none that made me feel so strongly.

Here’s why: It resonated with my heart and makes me feel connected and not so alone in this world. Like my struggle is his struggle and his struggle is my struggle. Your struggle is my struggle and my struggle is your struggle. It doesn’t matter what that struggle looks like on its face, we are all experiencing it in one way or another.

We long to be connected. Connected to our world, our partners/friends/family, but most importantly to ourselves. And when you do feel that connection, it makes you feel alive, joyous and that you matter, that we all matter. No matter how insignificant we may feel, we all truly matter.

And that matters to me much more than I ever imagined.


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