Day 3/365: Uncertain

Frank Ocean has been on my mind for some reason lately. I heard his name mentioned last week in passing and it sort of stuck in my brain like an earworm. Then his new track Chanel gets released yesterday and I’m like, “Okay, Frank. What are you trying to tell me?”

So many people are a fan of his blond album, but upon hearing a few tracks I just wasn’t into it. Well, heard bits of Chanel on Twitter so I popped over to Spotify to hear the song in its entirety.

Not bad.

When the song was over, another song from the blond album began to play. I figured it was the first song from the album, but it wasn’t. It was Seigfried, a track that honestly probably didn’t get much airplay. And I really liked it. I’m not sure why it resonated with me, but for all its complexity, it expressed, somehow, the way I’ve been, well, … feeling … for lack of a better word.

I’m not sure I know what the song is all about entirely, but it feels like some sort of review and rebirth is in order. Kind of like what I’m going through now.

Yes. I know I’m late to the Frank Ocean game, especially his blond album, but if you haven’t yet heard this track, give it a listen:

It just might change your mind about some things.


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