Day 1/365: Defrost

Have you ever heard that song “Outside Myself” by k.d. lang? It’s a hauntingly beautiful song. And it’s how I’ve felt (or not felt) for years.

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Day 105/365: Revival

When I checked in with myself about how I was feeling today, the word "revival" came to mind. I'm not sure why. I mean every day you wake up and start anew is a revival. Hell, even every minute. Maybe that's why. I was kind of out of sorts today and was not present and... Continue Reading →

Day 102&103/365: Preparedness

Yup. I skipped a day. So that happened. Not because I wanted to but it was Father's Day and I got home late and blah, blah, blah. So here I am. Today was a productive day. I was able to get some key freelance stuff done and then I was able to troubleshoot an issue... Continue Reading →

Day 101/365: Pride

I attended a family event today and because I had promoted my eBook on social media and certain family members follow me, they asked me more about it. Surprisingly, I felt good talking about it and a deep sense of pride. It was fun to explain what the book is all about and it reminded... Continue Reading →

Day 100/365: Rushed

Lately, all I've felt is rushed. I have an eBook launch that's taking up quite a bit of time and I have a lot of freelance projects that I'm tackling as well. And I feel like both are constantly vying for my time. I am a pretty effective manager of my time, so this work... Continue Reading →

Day 99/365: Flawed

Every one of us is flawed—and I am slowly coming to realize that that is actually okay. It's not easy to embrace your flaws. Your natural inclination is to want to beat yourself up for being what you believe is inadequate. Not so. We all have shortcomings, but that's what makes us beautiful. And it... Continue Reading →

Day 98/365: Reassured

I was lucky enough to score tickets to a matinee performance of The King And I downtown. It was a wonderful production. The set design was amazing as were the costumes and the vocal performances. I hadn't seen it performed in a while so I did not remember all the details of the story, so... Continue Reading →

Day 97/365: Suppression

Over the moon would be the appropriate emotion to be feeling right now. But for some reason I cannot summon it. The project that I have been talking about in blog posts is about to be launched. So here it is: I wrote an ebook with an amazing co-author and it's now available for pre-order... Continue Reading →

Day 96/365: Encouraged

I had a terrible customer experience at a car dealership last month. I went to take my car in for service and long story short, I was not greeted when I came into the service bay. Like I was ignored for about 15 to 20 minutes. But eventually I just went in to the service... Continue Reading →

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