Day 1/365: Defrost

Have you ever heard that song “Outside Myself” by k.d. lang? It’s a hauntingly beautiful song. And it’s how I’ve felt (or not felt) for years.

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Day 162/365: @ Mercy Of Mercury Retrograde

This time, I thought, it's gonna be different. If I don't buy into the idea that mercury retrograde is a thing, it's all good, right! No. Mercury retrograde came for me with a vengeance. Grrrr. This retrograde is notorious for jacking up anything tech-related. Well, lo and behold. Today was a tech sh*t show. Nothing.... Continue Reading →

Day 161/365: Unafraid

In light of the turbulence going in our nation, and within ourselves most days, honestly, I didn't realize how much I needed this today—and frankly everyday. It's such a great reminder of how we are all meant to be. Enjoy. n

Day 160/365: Refocused

Do you ever get kicked in the gut and realize that you needed the kick in the gut to get you back on track and back on purpose? Yep. It was that kind of day. It's hard, but necessary. It's unpleasant, but helpful too. When you get pushed to be the better, the best version of... Continue Reading →

Day 159/365: In Flow

Today was a day where I woke up and made a conscious decision to have a productive day. My schedule has been so off lately that I had to recommit to getting back on track. Well, that started today, and it felt great. I got plenty of rest, I got proper nourishment throughout the day,... Continue Reading →

Day 158/365: #woke

So after seeing the aftermath of #Charlottesville, I'm frankly feeling disgusted. And it made me do an inventory of the allies in my life, who I am very thankful for, one of which is my wife. But it also made me take inventory of ways that racial insults have been hurled in my direction. And... Continue Reading →

Day 157/365: Radiant

Although the feeling didn't really last all day, at the start of the day, until the late middle of the day, I honestly felt radiant. I felt like my hair looked great, I felt great in my clothes and I felt confident. These things in combination, honestly, are a rarity for me. And it felt... Continue Reading →

Day 156/365: Curious

I headed to my P.O. box today to pick up some packages that I knew had arrived. And when I got home and opened the packages, there was one that I had no idea where it came from. It was a book entitled, "Lucy Smiles About ... ". There was no packing slip so I... Continue Reading →

Day 155/365: Honored

It is an amazing time to be alive. I feel honored to be able to recognize that I am here, in my own individual way, to serve the global community. We all have a purpose that will be delivered in our own unique and incredible way—and I am included in that equation. And it honestly... Continue Reading →

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