Day 1/365: Defrost

Have you ever heard that song “Outside Myself” by k.d. lang? It’s a hauntingly beautiful song. And it’s how I’ve felt (or not felt) for years.

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Day 110/365: Scars To Beautiful

So continuing on the carefree theme, I was driving to the post office today, listening to the radio, and Alessia Cara's Scars To Your Beautiful came on. The chorus to this song really hit home. There's a hope that's waiting for you in the dark You should know you're beautiful just the way you are... Continue Reading →

Day 109/365: Carefree

So today I just made up my mind to not worry about much of anything. I kept telling myself: I am talented, I am amazing, I am beautiful, I am smart, etc, etc., etc. And I gave myself permission to just be whoever I was in the moment. And not give a cuss about how... Continue Reading →

Day 107-108/365: Loss

I am covering 2 days because I did not have it in me to post yesterday. Today, is the 6th anniversary of my mother's passing. I know the date, but I forget that in the few days before, my mood begins to change. It's like I'm feeling the loss all over again. The pain seems... Continue Reading →

Day 106/365: Filtered

Sometimes it's hard to be objective through this colored lens that I view the world from. I'm not talking rose-colored lenses either. I'm talking about seeing the world in black and white. Mostly, how I as a black person get treated by a white world. I often give the world the benefit of the doubt... Continue Reading →

Day 105/365: Revival

When I checked in with myself about how I was feeling today, the word "revival" came to mind. I'm not sure why. I mean every day you wake up and start anew is a revival. Hell, even every minute. Maybe that's why. I was kind of out of sorts today and was not present and... Continue Reading →

Day 102&103/365: Preparedness

Yup. I skipped a day. So that happened. Not because I wanted to but it was Father's Day and I got home late and blah, blah, blah. So here I am. Today was a productive day. I was able to get some key freelance stuff done and then I was able to troubleshoot an issue... Continue Reading →

Day 101/365: Pride

I attended a family event today and because I had promoted my eBook on social media and certain family members follow me, they asked me more about it. Surprisingly, I felt good talking about it and a deep sense of pride. It was fun to explain what the book is all about and it reminded... Continue Reading →

Day 100/365: Rushed

Lately, all I've felt is rushed. I have an eBook launch that's taking up quite a bit of time and I have a lot of freelance projects that I'm tackling as well. And I feel like both are constantly vying for my time. I am a pretty effective manager of my time, so this work... Continue Reading →

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