Day 1/365: Defrost

Have you ever heard that song “Outside Myself” by k.d. lang? It’s a hauntingly beautiful song. And it’s how I’ve felt (or not felt) for years.

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Day 276-277/365: Dispirited

I have not felt like blogging over the past two days, and I think it's because I feel dispirited. Although I feel excited about possibilities that loom on the horizon, this holiday season has me feeling a bit less enthusiastic. The holidays really don't feel as special as they used to when my mom was... Continue Reading →

Day 275/365: Balanced

There is this YouTuber who I adore, and when I discovered her last year, I was obsessed. I would watch every YouTube video as soon as it came out. I followed her on Instagram and liked every post. I began to watch her IG stories and would drop whatever I was doing to catch her... Continue Reading →

Day 274/365: Unmotivated

I have been busting my ass all year, and I have plenty of stamina. But I feel terribly unmotivated lately, and it may be related to burnout. I'd love to be able to just take two or three weeks off in a row and just veg and regroup. I have not had a real vacation... Continue Reading →

Day 273/365: charitable

I hopped on Twitter today and a friend of mine was tweeting about the 12 days of love letters she was participating in where an organization More Love Letters reveals a new request for love letters over 12 days. It's a 12-day challenge where you hand write letters and mail them out to different people... Continue Reading →

Day 272/365: Intrigued

So last night I was super frustrated with an automation tool we're using for our courses and I needed to blow off some steam. My outlet? YouTube. So after I watched a video that made me laugh, I remembered listening to a podcast where one of the guests mentioned a YouTube astrologer/tarot card reader. I... Continue Reading →

Day 271/365: Changed

Today, I really didn't care. But not in a bad way, if that's at all possible. I don't care what anyone thinks. My wife came home today from work and was kind enough to have done the grocery shopping. She needed help getting the bags in so she called me from the car when she... Continue Reading →

Day 267/365: Sapped

Whoa. I didn't know how draining it can be to come face to face with your fears. I feel emotionally sapped. And I have a migraine hangover. But I still feel great! It's amazing how much the body can hold onto. We are not taught to really remove trauma from the body only manage the... Continue Reading →

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