Day 1/365: Defrost

Have you ever heard that song “Outside Myself” by k.d. lang? It’s a hauntingly beautiful song. And it’s how I’ve felt (or not felt) for years.

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Day 221-223/365: Nope

Wow. I have been swamped with no real time to blog, much less process any feelings I might have so this post covers 3 days. I will say that although I am terribly behind, I am not beating myself up about it because I recognize I'm doing the best I can under the circumstances. Moving... Continue Reading →

Day 219-220/365: Inundated

I'm feeling overwhelmed and a bit inundated. I have to go finish up a story so I won't be in over my head on Monday, head into the office next week, travel for a retreat I'm co-hosting, plan my travel wardrobe, pack, attend a birthday party, do bills ... blah, blah, blah. And I'm running... Continue Reading →

Day 218/365: Satisfaction

I caught a glimpse of my reflection in my laptop today and I was struck by how much I have changed. Allow me to explain: We spend soo much time looking at where we'd like to be, we seldom stop to assess how far we've come. And I am so different than I used to... Continue Reading →

Day 217/365: Shedding armor

So I'm currently reading Daring Greatly by Brene Brown and it's been awhile since I picked it up, but today I felt like reading it on my lunch break. So I'm at the part where Brown talks about what she refers to as the "common vulnerability arsenal," which is shielding we put in place to protect... Continue Reading →

Day 215/365: Emerging

It's not often that I walk out the door feeling confident and just generally good, but today was one of those days. I looked great and I felt it. And it must have shone through because I received compliments all day long, and I was able to receive them without the need for them, if... Continue Reading →

Day 212/365: Open?

Tonight I caught up on episodes of Issa Rae's Insecure on HBO. I'm watched Season 2 episodes 4 and 5. In the two episodes Molly's character gets hit on by her high school friend who's married, but it turns out, he's in an open relationship. Molly struggles with the concept until she gets blindsided when... Continue Reading →

Day 211/365: Disconnected

I'm going to come clean about something. (Ahem.) I would like to be great. There, I said it. But not just great for the sake of being great, but great in such a way that I'm able to serve in a specific way that only I can. I would like to be great in a... Continue Reading →

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